Our signature "RUB YOUR GRUB"  and our "SHAKE YOUR STEAK" seasonings are available for purchase.

For those of you looking for something a bit more healthy, try our Smoked Chicken wrap. At around 300 calories or 7 Weight Watchers points plus and Thrive approved, you can get your bbq fix with this! We also make a Low Carb Bowl and a BBQ Salad . Just ask about it next time you are at the window. 

We have 3 Sauces to choose from. Signature BBQ Sauce, which is a tomato base traditional bbq sauce, not to hot or too sweet. Honey Sauce is the same traditional style with the addition of honey. Our newest sauce is the Sweet Heat Vinegar. If you like vinegar sauces, you are gonna love this!!

Alisha's Kitchen was started by Alisha and her husband Larry. They originally started making Rubs and Sauces in a small commercial kitchen in the basement of their home. Approved by the Department of Agriculture, the business started. Alisha was also a certified Kansas City BBQ Society Judge. Shortly thereafter PitMaster Larry was born. Five competitions and four trophies later Larry's job of over 10 years abruptly ended and Alisha's Kitchen mobile BBQ was born. That little red wagon came to life and bounced around all over Cartersville and surrounding areas. With Alisha's recipes and Larry's Skillz on the Grillz they continue making people happy with their food and love of community. 

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Alisha's Kitchen signature rubs and slow and low cooking process bring out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. With a minimum 24 hour marination process, our meat is sure to please! 

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